So here’s my story

Having wasted far too much time and money on chancers, time-wasters and pretenders who were masquerading as professional tipsters, I was pretty fed up! You know how it goes…they claim to be professional gamblers; they claim the best inside-information around; they claim winner-after-winner. But you sign up only to find that they couldn’t tip a wheelbarrow! Things needed to change…

“Someone needs to clean this mess up”, I thought. But having looked around for help, I found very little on offer. Plenty of shady reviews that you were never quite sure if they were just promoting their mate for a quick buck. We needed something better. We needed The Tipster Judge.

So what is The Tipster Judge? The Tipster Judge is a space for the betting community to celebrate the good, root out the bad and expose the conmen. With a combination of free trials, expert reviews and community feedback, together we will clear up the murky world of betting tipsters!

The Tipster Judge

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